Monday, November 14, 2016

Artist Spotlight - Antiseen

In 1983, in the Charlotte NC area, two young men formed what would become one of the leading punk rock bands with the influences in the style of the Ramones and the Stooges. Over their 30+ year history, they have had numerous members and have a catologue of over 100 EPs, LPs, CDs and DVDs. They have performed all over the world, many times over. Including Antiseen, they have been associated with acts such as GG Allin, Hank Williams III, Hellstomper and Thomas O'Keefe. Their current lineup includes vocalist Jeff Clayton, guitarist Mad Brother Ward, bassist Sir Barry Hannibal and drummer The Gooch.

Their original sound was heavily influenced by late night horror movies, Alice Cooper and professional wrestling. Kenny still remembers hanging out with Jeff in the early days of Antiseen when Jeff also owned Repo Records in the Plaza Midwood neighborhood of Charlotte. They have always remained true to their lyrics, ideal and most of all their fans.

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If you have never been to an Antiseen show, it is definately something that you need to go see live. Their lyrics, stage presence and show antics are so far above other acts, that you can only get the full appreciation by their live shows. My first introduction to them was only about 3 years ago, when they performed at Tremont Music Hall, here in Charlotte, for their 30th anniversary show. I didn't know very much about them, didn't know what to expect and was totally amazed. Things that shocked me, but I soon realized it some of what they are known for, were things such as angry lyrics, setting a washboard on fire, and then Jeff used his barbed wire wrapped microphone stand to cut his forehead open. 

At this point, I could see why this band has survived and thrived over the years. Nothing can compare to the rush and thrill of being at a live show, the music blaring, heavy drum beats and the overall energy. Antiseen "Warhero" Antiseen Official Playlist
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If you haven't heard of them, or checked them out, please do. They are the essence of a local music band. This is what we are striving to promote, bring attention to and support for their dedication to their individual style of music. This is why we do what we do. This is why we love music.

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