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Save and Support your Local Music Scene!!!!

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As many of you know or have recently heard, alot of our local music venues are being forced to close here in the Charlotte NC area. This may be due to rezoning, lack of upkeep or its just got too expensive to run these clubs. It is very important to help keep venues like these open so that local bands can thrive, instead of making it more difficult for local bands to be heard. A couple that have closed or will be closing are Amos' Southend, Tremont and The Milestone. Please support your local music venues because we don't want to see the music have no where to perform and just be snuffed out!

The Milestone
The Milestone, is a legend in the Charlotte NC music venue scene. It opened back in 1969, way before alot of us were even born. They have always supported the local bands, whether they be heavy metal, punk, alternative or just good old rock. Acts (alot of them before they were famous) such as the GoGos, REM, Black Flag, Nirvana, One-Eyed Doll, Antiseen and many others have graced the doors and played shows at this bar.
Now due to Charlotte be an ever growing/developing city, The Milestone requires many renovations, and alot of things have to be brought up to code. This is no small task. The current owners wish to partner with developers, buy the land and renovate the building, without losing what has made The Milestone famous. No, it won't be some ritzy, glittery place, they want to preserve as much as they can, including saving panels, that hold many iconic signatures, band stickers and the like. They want it to be just like the original Milestone, just improved.
In having said all of this, it will be very expensive to update and renovate The Milestone. They have set up a gofundme page, with a goal of $150,000 to able to save this bar Hopefully they will be successful and be able to save this piece of Charlotte's rock and roll history. There is still hope to save this club. If you can help, please do.
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Amos' Southend
In 1990, Amos' opened its doors at a Park Road location. In 2000, it moved to its current location in Charlotte's southend. They have hosted many national acts from Flo Rida, Jennifer Nettles, John Legend, James Brown as well as local acts such as Antiseen  TiME and The Reason You Stayed 
Due to the rapid expansion and development of the SouthEnd as well as the LYNX line, they are being forced to close their doors. This is another venue that has been around, supported acts from all genres and it really suck that the decision to close has been made and their last show is scheduled for 3/4/17.
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Tremont Music Hall
This once great venue, has already fallen, with their closing show on December 19, 2015.  Tremont opened in 1995 and had 2 stages for bands to perform on. Once again, due to rapid expansion, rezoning and development opportunities, they were forced to close their doors. This article from Charlotte Magazine sums it up very well.
"AFTER HE STRIKES his guest vocalist with a chair, after he sets his washboard on fire and smashes it to pieces, and after he slams an axe into the stage floor, Jeff Clayton stands with his back to the audience. His outstretched, fully tattooed arms are visible through a haze of thick smoke that envelops the stage. He pauses. He gazes at the backdrop behind the drums, where his band’s name, Antiseen, hangs for the last time.
Antiseen has played many memorable shows at Tremont Music Hall, including the band’s 20th, 25th, and 30th anniversary concerts. So when Clayton learned the old venue would be closing, he asked owner John Hayes if his band could be the last to play."
I'm not even sure what to say after this, except we will miss Tremont and try to help save other venues.

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