Monday, August 22, 2016

Artist Spotlight - The Great Kat

One of the world's greatest and fastest, if not THE greatest and fastest guitar shredders is The Great Kat. She is a Julliard graduate Violin Virtuoso and multi-talented Goddess who has won numerous awards and performed all over the world. She performed on the violin before transferring her knowledge of the instrument and classical music over to the electric guitar. She has become the revolutionary metal guitarist/violinist and 1 of the world's fastest guitar shredders. One example would be her playing Flight of the Bumblebee She is resurrecting Beethoven with vicious metal, pure classical and total virtuosity and showcases her phenomenal guitar and violin pyrotechnics in "Beethoven Shreds" CD and "Beethoven's Guitar Shred" DVD
The Great Kat was born in England on a US Air Force Base and moved to the US at the age of 3. After listening to Beethoven since birth, The Great Kat realized that her mission was to become a composer and musical revolutionary. Kat began classical piano studies at 7. At the age of 9, she began classical violin studies in New York.  At the age of 15, The Great Kat won a full scholarship to attend the prestigious Julliard School in NYC as a violin student and subsequently graduated with honors and began performing all over the world. 
Here's some neat facts for you. 
1) Timothy Leary, famous Harvard psychology professor and mind-altering guru collaborated with The Great Kat on the rock song "Right Brain Lover". Timothy Leary wrote the wild psychedelic lyrics and Kat composed the music.
2) The Great Kat's neo-classical music is continuing to spread to all aspects of entertainment with TESCO featuring Vivaldi's "The Four Seasons" music in the new TV commercial for the wildly popular Activision video game "Call of Duty : Ghosts" 
3)The Great Kat is a Double Virtuoso - Guitar and Violin 

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