Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Why music?

Music is one of the most essential forms of self-expression. Songwriters and artists can convey totally different worlds and concepts through their words and instruments. Just like artists convey their stories and feelings with brush and paint. I can't even begin to imagine a world without music. Nor would I want to. Now, I realize that alot of the music on the site is not mainstream and you may not have even heard of some of the bands. This is our whole point. There are so many good musicians out there, that hopefully we can introduce you to give you a sample of their music. Hopefully, to create some new fans for them, when it is all said and done. Whether your tastes are rock, punk, heavy metal, jazz, country, R&B, hip-hop, or one of the many other genre's of music not mentioned, we try to highlight at least some form of everything.
They can tell you a whole story in a matter of minutes, where you can actually picture in your mind what is going on. Karen Stever is a master storyteller and the imagery that she uses is absolutely amazing. http://localmusicplay.com/main/645/
For example One-Eyed Doll are incredible storytellers as well, but this side of them shows they can be just fun-loving friends in an awesome mood. They can make you just feel happy and silly, like you have no cares in the world. For example : http://localmusicplay.com/main/40/ 
Open Your Eyes, is a band that is trying to enlighten today's generation, as to the reality that is life. After seeing and losing friends to drug addiction, they wrote these words, that will make you break down and cry if you have ever lived the life or lost someone to the life. http://localmusicplay.com/main/7057/
You can hear a re-make of a song, that in my case, brings me right back to my teenage years with a current style to it. Kobra and the Lotus makes "Black Velvet" sound totally modern. http://localmusicplay.com/main/7123/
Or you can find an amazing group of 3 young brothers, that just want to make music. We found out about Remnants of Hope when we went to another show and ended up talking to them for a while after their set. Since the youngest of the brothers is 15, they have an incredible support system in their parents to help and guide them. They allow them to be who they are and perform the music they want. http://localmusicplay.com/main/7078/
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