Sunday, August 21, 2016

What and who are localmusicplay, some of you may ask. We are just normal people who love music. Over the years, we have had alot of friends that are musicians and they play gigs locally. Across the nation there bands everywhere who are great bands but don't have the major recording contracts and they are just trying to share their music. There are alot of bands who do not get the attention and appreciation they deserve. These guys work hard and bust their asses to play just simply for the love of music and to gain new fans.
Our purpose is to introduce people to new bands, see some vintage videos and just have a wide variety of music that people can listen to. Occasionally I will blog an Artist Spotlight to give you bios and introduce you to some of our favorite bands. Look for these to start soon.
As the site grows, their will be new options and some really neat stuff that is in the works. We developed this site to be able to share music from 1 site to multiple platforms. We hope to be able to help promote shows in all different cities. An example; You have to travel to Dallas, Tx. You have some free time that night and you want to go see some live music. Eventually we will have a calendar that you can pull up dates and cities to find out where some gigs at.
You can join the site yourselves and post up music that you would like for others to see. You just have to go to the website and sign up. Then you can add your videos and playlists. You can see who the most popular videos are, listen to playlists, see some live video feeds and just generally find some bands that we think are great.

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