Monday, August 29, 2016

Original vs. Cover Songs

Image result for black sabbath war pigs imagesAlot of bands still write their own original music, where some bands choose to be a cover band.  Some bands, do mostly originals with a couple of covers thrown in here and there. Whatever your personal stance on cover songs, we have some great examples on Artist today can look to some of the older artists for inspiration and creativity. Sometimes, the remake or cover song is wonderful, whereas there are some songs that people should not even try to cover. You make your own decision as I have listed a couple of examples that you may not have ever known existed. Here and there, as I find others and compare them, I will let you know.

1) Black Sabbath - War Pigs vs. Justin King of Open Your Eyes - War Pigs
 Ozzy is definately a hard act to follow. Justin King of Open Your Eyes, I believe, does an incredible version of this song. Vocals are on point and his guitar riffs are amazing. I can't wait to see these guys grow musically and see where the music journey takes them.

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