Friday, October 14, 2016

Collaboration - Lzzy Hale / Amy Lee

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 In today's world of rock, it can sometimes be hard to make your mark on the industry. To leave a lasting impression, musically, that maybe our grandkids will be talking about one day. If you follow my blog, you can probably guess that I am a huge fan of female fronted heavy rock groups. The strong female leads, that are not scared to step outside of the lines, do music the way they conceptualize it in their heads and can be mentors for the younger generations coming up.

Amy Lee (of Evanesence) and Lzzy Hale (of Halestorm) are 2 of the most powerful and celebrated women of the rock world today. It would be very hard to find someone who would not agree that these ladies have talent for days. They inspire so many young women to follow their dreams and not be put into a little box.  They have somewhat similar upbringings. They were surrounded by music and started playing piano at an early age. Lzzy later went after perfecting her voice and guitar whereas Amy went after perfecting her voice and songwriting abilities. They had fronted very popular bands, Lzzy with Halestorm and Amy with Evanesence.

Its a very good and magical thing when 2 artists can come together, have an appreciation for what the other brings to the table, to be able to set egos to the side and be able to collaborate on music. Whether its writing, instrumentals or vocals the outcome of such collaboration is something to be appreciated. Lzzy and Amy did a version of "Break In" with Lzzy on piano and vocal, and Amy on vocals as well. This version is nothing short of amazing. Their vocals mirror each other very well. Everyone should take a minute to listen and appreciate what these ladies have done.

On Tuesday Nov 15 at The Filmore in Charlotte, if you already have tickets, you can catch Amy with Evanesence at this soldout performance.

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