Monday, October 10, 2016

Show Review - Wednesday 13, One-Eyed Doll, Gabriel and the Apocalypse, Amnesis

On Sat Oct 8, we attended a show featuring Wednesday 13, One-Eyed Doll, Gabriel and the Apocalypse and Amnesis. Once again, the bands did not disappoint and their was a very large crowd to support them. Ground Zero in Spartanburg, has become one of the places to be for shows. All of the bands were very accessible and willing to meet and great with the fans. The sound system and the lights were excellent. We loved being able to hang out with some of the band members, and be able to talk to them like real people, even though they are true rock stars. Some are well known and some are on their way up. I highlighted Wednesday 13 and One-Eyed Doll from their show on 10-5-16, so here I will cover the 2 bands that opened for them on 10-8-16. We have all the bands featured and videos of them up on the website


Image result for amnesisThese guys were new to us. We got to experience their set full of heavy metal and crowd interaction. They are a local band out of Asheville, NC. The bass player  even came down into the crowd with the fans, went up to the bar and even went outside to get everyone to come inside, all the while still jamming with the band. Their sounds are real tight and the vocals are very heavy. It was great to discover another new band. Check them out!
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Gabriel and the Apocalypse
 Image result for gabriel and the apocalypseThese guys brought the house down. It was great to discover their music. They have just joined Wednesday 13 and One-Eyed Doll for the remainder of this tour. Band members include : Lindy Gabriel: Vocals, Jake LaCore: Guitar, Zach Williams: Drums, JACE: Bass, Joey Conelly: Guitar Figgles McGee: Keys/Samples. Their heavy, tight and overall great music was wonderful to see live. Jace (on bass) and Joey (on guitar) stole the show with their crazy antics and unbelievable stage presence. They drew the crowd into their world during their set. They are a great new band out of Minnesota and deserve to be recognized for their sometimes crazy heave metal. I can't wait to see where their musical journey takes them. Check out their new album, "The Ghost Parade" that was just released on 10-7-16. 
This is their single "Beauty Under Glass" off of their new album
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