Thursday, October 6, 2016

Show Review - One-Eyed Doll, Wednesday 13 and Fractured Fairytales

As most of  you heard, yesterday was Kenny and my 5th anniversary. We decided to celebrate it by going out to see One-Eyed Doll since they were here in Charlotte.Doll has not performed in Charlotte since 2009, so we were definately ready to see them in our home town. They are one of our favorite bands. The show was incredible and the acts fit together very well and fed off of each others energy. We have seen them 4 times since April. Let me just say that all 3 bands, Wednesday 13, One-Eyed Doll and Fractured Fairytales kicked ass and made a wonderful anniversary even better for us, We love music and support local artists as much as we can.
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 One-Eyed Doll
We have already seen them several times this year and they never disappoint. As always, Kimberly's ability to play the guitar, change things up at the drop of a hat and her guitar riffs are amazing. Junior's skills on the drums are exceptional and you would think that the band is made up of more than 2 people. They are very theatrical in their performances. Kimberly is a very strong creative force behind the band. She is a great storyteller and writes some amazing lyrics. She has a very creative spirit and does have numerous outlets to express herself. Junior can bang  the hell out of the drums, while also being aware of where Kimberly is on the stage at all times. They communicate with each other without words.  He also plays guitar, which alot of people are not aware of. He is the business mind and does their producing and also help new bands trying to make it. Their show never disappoints. They are also very gracious in dealing with their fans. They spend as much time as they can to make sure that they can meet and great everyone who came out.
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Wednesday 13
These guys rock. I had never seen them live, and had not heard alot of their music. However, after loading some of their music on I have become a huge fan. These guys are very heavy, loud, tight and own the stage from the minute they walk onto it. The energy that they exude is very contagious. They thrive on the crowd response and interaction.Their music is very creative and sometimes controversial. However, the maintain a large fan following which is well deserved,
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Fractured Fairytales
These guys are a local band from here in Fayetville, NC. It was a pleasant surprise to be able to see these guys live. Despite a couple of the sound engineering issues, the guys still made incredible music. They have invested 10+ years to developing their signature sound. This sound is a dark, industrial, metal sound that is heavy and the crowd joins in and thrives on it.a I Dark Industrial Metal band reigning the eastern part of the heir sound incorporates elements of Industrial rock, death metal and black metal often themed with dismal and apocalyptic ideologies.
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