Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Artist Spotlight - Open Your Eyes

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Open Your Eyes is a kick-ass, up and coming rock band out of Chicago. The group is comprised of singer, writer and guitarist Justin King, bass player Comron Fouladi, drummer Sandra Alva, and guitarist Ryan Steinberg. They have worked with bands such as One-Eyed Doll, Escape the Fate, Eyes Set to Kill, Bless the Fall, Famous Last Words and many more. They are getting ready to embark on tour, once more with One-Eyed Doll and will also be with Wednesday13 this September.
I met and heard these guys in Jacksonville, NC when they opened for One-Eyed Doll. I was blown away with the strength of their sound and meaning behind their lyrics. Since then, I have also traveled to Pennsylvania and Georgia to see them as well. They are definately worth seeing at least once, if not as many times as possible.
These guys are very down to earth, real people who love their music, but want it to be used also as an avenue of change for today's generation. They aim to change lives and spread awareness. They will continue to tour constantly in support of their album "Truth or Consequence" and build upon the strong foundation they have already built with music consisting of a better message and an inspired tomorrow.

"Broken Road" is a very powerful song off of their album "Truth or Consequence". The video also goes into detail and begs us to wake up, Open Your Eyes, and see what is going on around you. Are you going to "fight today or would you try and run away".  Are you "On the Edge and never back down again".

"Stay Alive" is another great one off of "Truth or Consequence". Once again, a great message, are you gonna fight to stay alive?

I can not wait to see these guys grow in their musical careers. I realize how lucky I am that I caught them on the way up, because they are going to be huge. Mark my words.  As excellent as their CD is, it is so much better live. They are louder, heavier and they make sure that when you leave their show, you will know who they are.

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  1. For Sure these guys are great - You get to see them, you MUST!