Friday, September 16, 2016

Female Fronted Rock Bands

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Alot of attention has been given lately to female fronted rock bands. More recently than I think I can ever remember seeing. Music is music and affects people differently, regardless of who fronts the bands. These women are showing the strength of their vocals and sometimes their instruments, such as guitar playing. They put themselves out there sometimes knowing that sometimes,controversy may follow. Critics may have issues with the way they dress (or lack of), the way they tend to be outspoken, or may just have issues with a strong independent female. Regardless these women are becoming pioneers and role models for up and coming musicians. My belief, is that no one should be put in a box, or told how to think or what to say. Some of the women I have chosen to look at today, represent this and so much more. These women rock hard and constantly strive to be better and connect with their fans. There is so much we can learn from them like they have learned from people such as Joan Jett, Lita Ford and The Great Kat. They make the music they want, their way. It may not be conventional, but is amazing none the less. As a female, I appreciate and respect these women. What they stand for and represent. They make it possible for younger generations to realize that they don't have to hide behind a mask, unless they want to. Scream, growl, sing or shred as you desire. Be the strong musicians that you are meant to be. Your influence will be far reaching for generations to come.
The Great Kat - "Flight of the Bumblebee"
Definately not what you would call conventional but brilliant and amazing. She is the fastest female guitar player in the world and has revolutionized the guitar industry by playing classical greats to heavy, thrashing guitar riffs. As Kat would say "Shred On"!
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Blackwater Drowning
This is a local band from here in NC. We had the opportunity to catch one of their shows a couple of weeks ago when they opened for OTEP. Again, amazing vocals and muscianship from her and the rest of the band.
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Jasmine Cain
This is one hard rocking chick out of Nashville, Tn. She is a strong female, and not afraid to get out on stage, raise some hell and stage dive as often as possible. Recently, she wrapped a 2 week stent in Sturgis. I caught some of the live feeds from one of her shows there. She exhibits so much energy and appears to be unstoppable.
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One-Eyed Doll
This group is fronted by Kimberly with her crazy energy and incredible guitar skills with highly theatrical shows that she pulls off with the help of her best friend and drummer Junior. It's hard to believe that these guys rock so hard with just the 2 of them. She is a master story teller, and I joke that she would make the perfect psychotic kindergarten teacher. Those of you who have had the opportunity to see them live know exactly what I mean.
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