Sunday, September 4, 2016

Patriotism in Music or No?

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Musicians write through their experiences. They can make you feel like you can do anything, like you can move mountains. I have lived in the USA my whole life. I love music and history. As a proud American, I know that some people have had their beliefs challenged lately, but regardless of where you stand on the issue, you have to admit that we have some pretty awesome patriotic music. Here are a couple of samples that I have found. They may move you to tears or to have beams of pride streaming off of you. Or they may just want you to listen to their words and notes and just think "This is cool"

Cilver "I'm America"
If you listen to the words, it can really make you think of what the USA has been through. At my age, its amazing to see what I have lived through in this country. The imagery in the video is very thought provoking.

Gaither Vocal Band "National Anthem"
One of the all time best versions of this song, at least in my opinion.

Jimi Hendrix "National Anthem" live at Woodstock
Of course, I would have to list this version as well. It just sends chills down my spine when I hear it.

Bruce Springsteen " Born In the USA"
I know the USA is a country made up of many different nationalities and ethnicities, however I was born right here in NC. I can appreciate this song and proudly say that I was born in the USA. I m not trying to put any arguements or anything out there. This is just me personally.

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