Monday, September 19, 2016

Artist Spotlight - TiME

TiME is a local southern metal band from the Charlotte, NC area. These hard rocking guys write their own music and can bring down the house at their live shows. If you are lucky enough to catch one of their shows, you will see and hear unique, amazing vocals, original lyrics, dizzing guitar riffs and hard rocking drum fills. The tightness of the music will make you understand why they have the most popular/most viewed playlist on We caught them opening a show for The Fetish on Sept 17, and I must say, they were by far, the best of the 5 bands that played that night. Their versatility is what makes them "tick".  They can jam out and rock hard and heavy, or slow it down a bit and move you to tears.

Years of hard work really show with these guys. Most of them have been sharpening their instruments and vocals since they were kids. As a matter of fact, the lead singer / guitar player, Rob Husband, is the one who taught Kenny how to play electric guitar when he was 14.

The band is made up of Rob "RVoice"  Husband (vocals, guitar, songwriting), William "Warbass" Rogers (vocals, bass guitar), Chris "Grill" Hobbs (guitar), Ronnie "Stomp" Edwards (guitar) and we welcome their newest member Brandon Marze on drums.
This is a playlist with live performances. You will hear a variety of songs from them which showcases their talent. It is our most popular of all videos on After listening, you will want to hear them over and over. You will want to go see their live shows any opportunity you get.
"Knockin the Clock"
This was from a live performance in Greenville, SC. Some crazy fan decided to get up on stage and show his appreciation for the band. (I wonder who that could have been.) You can tell that even as they rock hard, they feed off the energy of the fans.

Check out their music and develop the same appreciation that I have for these guys and their music. They rock hard and only TiME will tell where their music will take them. Rock on guys!
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