Monday, September 12, 2016

Cover vs. original - They're Coming To Take Me Away

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Back to the discussion on cover songs vs. the original. I believe that bands will do cover song out of respect to the original artist. Whether they just like the song, have a special admiration for the artist or whether the songs touches them on some personal level. Some songs are just fun, party songs and put you in a good mood. Some are just off the chain crazy, such as the one that I am reviewing today. It also happens to be one of my personal favorites and makes me laugh whenever I hear it. 
Napoleon IVX, or Jerry Samuels released "They're Coming to Take Me Away" in 1966. I'm sure back then, it was just crazy to hear this song. Talking about straight jackets and padded rooms. To some people, this may have been an obscure song, but a good one, none the less
Fast forward to 2014. The Butcher Babies released a version of this, that in my opinion is even better than the original. This band gives it a heavier, dark edge which endears fans to their version. They are no stranger to controversy but continue to wow audiences with each performance. They take their name from an older Wendy O. Williams song, "Butcher Baby".

This amazing band is no stranger to touring. As a matter of fact, I have missed them the last 3 times they have been in Charlotte, NC. I can promise you, I will not miss their next show. As good as the music is, I can't even begin to imagine what it is like to see them live,

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  1. I like the cover better on this one, Great song either way, but the butcher babies made it better.