Monday, September 26, 2016

Tribute Bands - Pantera vs. Cowgirls From Hell

A long, long time ago, in a land far away (called Arlington, TX), 2 brothers got together and formed a little band some of you may know, Pantera.  "Dimebag", Vinnie Paul, Rex Brown and Phil Anselmo are the ones who made up Pantera.  They originally started as a glam metal band, but after their fourth album changed to a heavier, thrash type metal sound. In 1990, their 5th album "Cowboys From Hell" was released with their new, heavier sound. Over the years, they have continuously influenced musicians to follow in their style of thrashy, heavy metal music. Unfortunately, due to the death of "Dimebag" in 2004, remaining members have said that there can never be a reunion.
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This is Pantera's album "Cowboys From Hell". Their raw vocals, guitar shredding solos and crushing rhythms are on excellent display here.
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Fast forward a little bit, to early 2015,  and we see a group of young women out of San Diego, Ca. They, in fact, take their name from Pantera's 5th album, and changed it slightly to Cowgirls from Hell. They are an all female Pantera tribute band, that are breaking down barriers, rocking hard and kicking ass. "Sexy, powerful, and far beyond driven, these women leave audiences in shock with their ability to recreate the most dominating music in metal history. From shredding Dimebag solos, to crushing the rhythms of Vinnie Paul & Rex Brown, to harnessing the unbridled power and stage antics of Phil Anselmo, the Cowgirls from Hell deliver a live show so convincing that fans go crazy when they hear it!"
Check out these rockers and hopefully you will be as impressed with them as I am. I have not seen them live, but believe me, if they come near us, we will definately be there.
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Thanks for joining me in another musical journey!

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  1. I really Like the Cowgirls from Hell - I hope to see them live one day